100% Free and Limitless

The Tumblr and Pinterest Bots are completely free. You can access any feature, import unlimited accounts and proxies and change any setting such as search limits and timers to anything you desire.

Simply download, install and benefit!

You’ll have access to the full documentation, but you need to own a paid license to receive technical support over email or live chat.
It’s still a great deal, don’t you think?


Scriptable Automations

ChronoSocial is reshaping the social network automation scene by adding an easy interface where people can script their own ‘automation story’. People have requested us many specific automation combinations over the past 6 years.

The high costs for custom automation combinations are now eliminated!

Let ChronoSocial do all your repetitive tasks with all your social network accounts at the same time so you can focus on your business.


ChronoSocial is the most professional bot we used since we started in 2005


I have been looking for this type of software for years. In the past I had to pay a lot of money for custom created bots. This scriptable interface is a godsend. Thank you!

Pet Paradise

I’m a loyal MonsterSocial (a previous bot made by the people of ChronoSocial) customer. I am very impressed with this new application. You guys are the best.

Cherry Clothing

I am using ChronoSocial to bring people from all social networks onto my Twitch stream. Watch my stream blow up!

Iced Gamers

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