Free Tumblr Bot

ChronoSocial is a brand-new social network bot that is still in development and new features are still being added. All the features below have already been added, but we have many more to come! You can already purchase if you are happy with the current features. You can see on the “Updates” page that we frequently add new features. Feel free to request new features!

ChronoSocial allows you to create and run scripts that automate multiple accounts on multiple social networks doing multiple features while each account has it’s own cookies and proxies!

Automation Scripting
Full Featured Account Management

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Advanced Account Features
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Tumblr Bot Feature List

  • Script automation actions
    • Refresh accounts
      • Filtered, working, all
    • Search recent posts created by profiles you follow
    • Search recent posts containing a specified tag
    • Search for the latest posts on a specified profile
    • Add a specified post to search results
    • Add a post list to search results
    • Like posts found in post search actions
    • Comment on posts found in post search actions
      • Import .txt, .csv, .xls, .xlsx comment files
      • New line, tab and emoticon support
      • Comment spinning
        • Nesting support
      • Prevent duplicate comments
      • Reload comment file (.txt only)
      • Randomize or waterfall comments
    • Search followings that posted recently
    • Search for profiles that recently created posts containing a specific tag
    • Search Followers
    • Search Following
    • Add a specified profile to search results
    • Add a profile list to search results
    • Restart or continue searches
    • Clear search results
    • Follow profiles found in profile search actions
    • Unfollow profiles found in profile search actions
    • Specify search limits
    • Specify timers
    • Specify loops
  • Specify the number of threads for each campaign
  • Set the connection timeout for each campaign
  • Test accounts
    • Filtered
    • Multi-threaded
    • Changeable timeout
  • Delete duplicate / invalid accounts
  • Import unlimited accounts
    • Manual adding
    • Import .txt, .csv, .xls, .xlsx files
      • Import account-proxy combinations
    • Drag and drop accounts into the account manager
    • Paste accounts from clipboard
  • Run campaigns with a selection of your accounts
  • Auto assign proxies
    • Optionally match by country
    • Set a limit on the number of accounts per proxy
  • Auto-save cookies / clear cookies
  • Blacklist accounts
    • Manual and automatic
  • Blacklist posts
    • Manual and automatic